I L I S O S U I T E S Athens, Greece

For Sale - €252,000


A simply stunning 2 bedroom Apartment found in Athens is available, benefiting from a beautifully represented living space and lively environment. This modern complex of 63 two-bedroom apartments on the Athenian Riviera just 16 km from the centre of Athens, Greece. Currently, the Athenian Riviera is undergoing a large-scale modernization for which 10 billion euros have been allocated. Quays, parks, hotels, casinos and much more are built here, so now the area is more attractive than ever for life and investment.

ILISO complex is designed for a modern lifestyle. Its intuitive design and powerful forms are immediately appealing. Its architecture is based on the concept of indoor and outdoor space: spacious terraces are combined with beautiful patios that expand the living areas. Warm, natural tones of materials, including wood and marble, soften impeccable geometric shapes and embody elegant simplicity.

Prices for apartments in this complex start from € 250,000. The purchase of ILISO apartments is not subject to VAT, thus saving 24% and also offers exclusive new build suites but coincides with the Greece Permanent Residency Program, giving you and your family the opportunity to live freely within the EU and to travel with ease.

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