Once you have found a property you would like to rent, you will need to inform our lettings team that you want to make an offer and reserve the property so that it is not let to another tenant.

You will then be required to pay a reservation deposit. This will be the equivalent of 1 week’s rent (the amount you paid will then be taken off from the initial rent once your offer/application is accepted by the Landlord).

Please note: Reservation deposits are only refundable if the Landlord rejects or cancels your application. Should the tenancy proceed the reservation deposit will be deducted from the security deposit.

Once the reservation deposit is paid. We will then require each applicant to provide us the relevant documentation/references to support your application.

These will include where applicable:

  • Contract /Letter of Employment;
  • Letter from University/College;
  • Photo ID documents (Passport or Driving License)
  • Utility bill less than 3 months old
  • Recent 3 months’ bank statements
  • Payslips and P60 (or other proof of income/earnings)
  • Landlords References
  • Letter of Guarantor(s)
  • We will also carry out Right-to-Rent checks, as required by law.


Should a Guarantor be required, please be aware that the same criteria apply to the Guarantor. If a tenant is unable to provide a Guarantor, we will decide that the Tenant has withdrawn their application and will therefore forfeit their reservation deposit.
The Guarantor must be aware that they will stand as guarantor for you, (including your co-tenants if you are moving in to the property with someone else), for the entire occupancy of the property.

Once we have gathered all the above information, we will then contact the Landlord and forward all information we receive from you for their consideration and approval.

We will keep you informed of the progress of the above and once your application is approved, we will confirm to you the breakdown of payments required (please refer to our Tenant Fees and Charges page) prior to you moving in, we will agree the moving in date with you and start the preparation of Tenancy Agreement and Deposit Protection Scheme. Prescribed Information for signatures.

  • All payments due must be cleared into our bank account before we can release keys to the property.
  • Once full payment is received and documents are signed, we will arrange for an inventory check-in report to be done and email it to you for checking and record keeping.

We strongly advise our tenants to set up a Standing Order with their Bank to pay their rents.

Should you require any further information regarding the rental process, please feel free to contact our lettings team.

Tenant Fees.

Before you move in, make sure you know all about the different letting charges and tenancy fees for your property.

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