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Kavaliani is located in the southern Euboen Gulf. The island is located 55km from Athens and close to the bay of Marathon which is the site of the famous historical battle. This region is characterized by the national geographic magazine as one of the best 10 places in the world for water sports and sailing. Kavaliani is known for its extremely clear and clean waters due to its unique sea current.

The island has 2 areas used for local ships and ferry boats. Until 2010 there was a proximity of approach of the local ferry boat which could be regenerated.
720,000 m2, (720 Stremmata) are owned by employees of Emboriki Bank and there was a project started, since abandoned, to build multiple houses. Currently there are 6 houses on the island, but they are uninhabited.
On the island you will find water, electricity and roads.
Total Area: 1,906,000 m2 (gross) (1,906 Stremmata)

Close to the coast of Kavaliani there is a small island. Approximately 43 Stremmata (43,000m2) with the ability to build 360m2.