Oinousses Island, Greece

For Sale - €4,500,000


This private island for sale was once quoted as the ship owners pearl this island is situated in the North East of the Aegean Sea. Oinousses has a rich and illustrious history known for its beauty and seafaring people. In modern times the island is known for producing some of the finest ship captains in Greece.

The island for sale Ayios Pandeleimon has the perfect blend of natural landscape and acres of land to build on. At present there are three stunning small churches on the island each with their own unique history. There is a well which provides drinking water and a generator which intern provides power to these churches. It also has planning permission for the owner to build a villa if they please. The island has an area of 36,710 m2. In the summer Oinousses population increase exponentially as over the last decade it has become a hotspot for many international tourists.

It is ideally situated so you can get to the neighbouring islands including Chios in very quick succession either from your own boat, water taxi or by ferry called the Oinoussai 3 which makes frequent visits multiple times a day. The distance between Ayios Pandeleimon and Oinousses is 200 meters while the distance between Ayios Pandeleimon to Chios is 2km.

Ultimately buying this island would be a great investment as it has an immersive lifestyle and culture.